About Us

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ANDRU LIVING celebrates the works of locally sourced craft from Africa and beyond that are designed and handmade to enhance the spaces we live, work and play. ANDRU living linen, home accessories, furniture and more have been carefully curated from local artisans and independent designers in the African diaspora in order to contribute to the global distribution and access to beautifully made African craft online.
Founded by Nigerian Designer Andrea Iyamah, ANDRU Living was birth in memory of the life philosophies of her father Late. Mr Andrew Nkwor Iyamah who believed in life being a balance of hard work but ensuring to return to a home that shows emblems of travel that embrace cultures and craftsmanship. He believed in a space that welcomes clear mind and intimacy with self and family.
Inspired by nature and natural textures, ANDRU Living is a lifestyle brand for the nature lover who takes pride in embellishing their home with traditional craftsmanship and modern design.
The vision is to grow and encourage local craftsmanship by providing education, jobs and improved standards of living in Africa by distributing African craft. Donations in addition to 5% of monthly sales are donated to organizations that contribute to the development of young Africans in both urban and rural areas.